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Hardy "A" Reel Packs

Discontinued Item: Remaining packs Listed below:

Note: Only certain A packs left in stock

Many of Hardy's best-selling reels have a spring and pawl drag design. We recommend that you change the springs every three to four years for moderate use, sooner if you are an active angler. It is a good idea to keep a back-up "C Pack" for each reel in your inventory. "A" Packs contain spring & pawls. "C" Packs contain springs, pawls, lineguard screws, latch screws, and latch spring. "D" Packs contain check wheel caps for the back of spare spools to keep grease contained. "E" Packs contain reel counter balances, which are recommended for the bigger salmon and steelhead reels.

Reel Model
A Pack
C Pack
D Pack
E Pack
Reel Model
A Pack
C Pack
D Pack
E Pack
Bougle Mark IV  3 & 3.25 A28 XXX XXX XXX
Sovereigns A20 C16 XXX XXX Bougle Mark IV  3.5 A29 XXX XXX XXX
Ultralite Disc 2/3/4 A25 C21 D1 E5 Bougle Mark IV  3.75 A30 XXX XXX XXX
Ultralite Disc 5 & 6 A25 C21 D1 E6 Bougle Mark IV  4 A31 XXX XXX XXX
Ultralite Disc 7 A25 C21 D1 E1 St. John A15 C12 D2 E4
Ultralite Disc 8/9 A25 C21 D4 E7 Marquis Multi 6 & 7 A3 C14 D2 XXX
Ultralite Disc Salmon A25 C21 D5 E7 Marquis Multi 8 & 9 A14 C15 D2 XXX
JLH UL 3/4 & 5 A22 C18 D1 E5 Marquis 5 & 6 Silent Check A21 C17 D1 E1
JLH UL 5 & 6 A22 C18 D1 E6 Flyweight A4 C4 D1 XXX
JLH UL 7 A23 C19 D1 E1 Featherweight A5 C5 D1 XXX
JLH UL 8/9 A24 C20 D1 E7 LRH Lightweight A6 C6 D1 E1
JLH UL Salmon A24 C20 D3 E7 Princess A6 C6 D1 E1
Marquis Disc 3/4 & 5 A26 C22 D4 E1 St. Aiden A7 C7 D1 E4/2
Marquis Disc 6 & 7 A26 C22 D4 E2 St. George A7 C7 D1 E4/2
Marquis Disc 8 A26 C22 D4 E3 Prince 5/6 & 7/8 A8 C8 D1 E2
Marquis Disc 9/10/11 A27 C23 XXX E8 Golden Prince 5/6 & 7/8 A11 C1 D1 XXX
Marquis 2/3 A1 C1 D1 XXX Golden Prince 8/9, 9/10 & 11/12 A18 C13 D2 E4
Marquis 4 & 5 A2 C2 D1 E1 Ocean Prince I & II A9 C10 XXX XXX
Marquis 6 A3 C3 D1 E1 Perfect 3 1/8 & 3 3/8 A6 XXX XXX XXX
Marquis 7 A3 C3 D1 E2 Perfect 3 5/8 A14 XXX XXX XXX
XX Marquis 8/9 A14 C11 D1 E2 Zenith A14 C24 D2 XXX
Marquis 9/10/11 A15 C12 D2 E3
Marquis Salmon 1 A14 C11 D2 E3
Marquis Salmon 2 & 3 A15 C12 D2 E4

Hardy "A" Reel Pack$16.00
Remaining Sizes: 
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